tiger — 5000 Rare Animals Tigers NFT on Solana blockchain

Rare Animals

is a project dedicated to rare animals. Funds from each transaction for released species will be donated to save their population.



About The Tigers

Tigers are fearless predators that know what they want and how to get it. That is why the first Rare Animals drop is dedicated to these animals. A total of 5000 NFT Tigers will be released to the Solana blockchain — about the same number of tigers is left on Earth.

Each NFT Tiger is based on the appearance and traits of 6 species remaining on Earth. They are unique, hand-drawn and have their own history. Each Tiger will bring dividends to its owner and then become a key to an online game.

What great news we have for you 🔥

There are 6 species of tigers left in the world, numbering about 5000 of them, so we decided to make 6 owners of our NFTs happy with special presents.

When all NFT Tigers are sold out, we will give away 6 trips (flight and accommodation included) to different parts of the world where tigers live.

You can choose either to go on a trip or receive a money prize $10k.

Results will be posted on our social media (Discord and Twitter) immediately after all 5000 NFTs are sold.

Stay tuned!

Amur tigers
Amur tigers inhabit the Russian Far East. Their population there reaches about 450 individuals. You will have a chance to see this area for yourself.

Bengal tigers
The total number of Bengal tigers is estimated at about 2400 individuals located in India. You will be able to get acquainted with the habitat of the largest population of tigers.

Indochinese tigers
Indochinese tigers, there are about 1300 individuals, inhabit Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. As you can see in the photo, Thailand is chosen as the travel destination.

South China
South China tigers are the most endangered. According to experts, there are about 25 individuals and they live mainly in national parks of South-Central China.

Sumatran tigers
Sumatran tigers are found only on the Island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The wild population is estimated at 400 individuals. You will have a great opportunity to enjoy the view of their habitat.

Malay tigers
Malay tigers inhabit exclusively the southern (Malaysian) part of the Malay Peninsula. Only about 500 individuals live there. Have you ever been there? Here's a great chance.

What's the total supply of the Tiger?+

5000 total.

What's the minting cost?+

The minting cost is 0.3 SOL.

When is the launch date?+

The mint will happen on 12/10/21 at 9:00PM UTC.

Can I get more than one Tiger?+

If you are fast enough, you can try.

Which wallet will be available?+

You will be able to mint Tiger with Phantom (recommended), Sollet, and Solflare.